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Find someone to talk to

Teacher listening to a young man

‘Talk to someone you know well.’

When you are feeling down, you may not feel like telling anybody, but it can really help if you share your feelings with somebody who you trust.

Often, it’s the first step to solving your problems. Talk to someone you know well. This might be your mum, dad or carer, or your grandparents, friends, teacher, social worker or youth worker. You will feel less lonely and it will help you work out why you are feeling down and what you can do to feel better.

Sometimes you might feel very down. The feelings might last for weeks and will not go away. You might need to talk to your doctor or GP who can help you feel better. Some young people are referred to a service called a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service which has a range of professionals who can help you if you do feel down or worried about things. All areas have a local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service – get your parents, teachers or GP to refer you.

Find out about organisations and helplines you can contact in the ‘Useful resources’ section.

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Big Lottery Fund
  3. Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
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