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Telling other people about your work

There are lots of good ways to tell people about what you have been doing. You could:

  • hold a meeting and talk to people
  • show people a Powerpoint presentation about your work
  • make a book with photos in it to show people
  • show people a video you have made
  • write down what you have done in a report.

Lots of you can work together on telling other people about your work. Some of you might like to stand up and talk. Some of you might like to work on other ways of telling people what you have done. Working together can make your report better.

Whatever ways you choose to tell people about your work, there are things you should remember to include. You should explain:

  • who you are and where you study
  • what you found out before you started to change things
  • the main things you wanted to change and why
  • what you did
  • what happened
  • what has changed
  • how people feel about the new ways of doing things
  • what you want to work on next.

People will like to see pictures or hear what people have said about your project. Pictures and people’s stories will help to make your ideas exciting and real.

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Big Lottery Fund
  3. Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
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