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What is action research?

When you do action research:

  • you change things
  • you try to make things better.

In action research:

  • you join in – you get involved
  • you work with other people – in a team
  • you discuss things and think about things together
  • you treat people fairly and with respect
  • you try to understand how things work
  • you try to solve problems – things that matter to you and your friends
  • you might work in lots of different ways
  • your plans may change as you go along
  • you make a difference.

This section will help you to make a difference in your school or college by doing action research on the things that matter to you and your friends. You will need to get other people to work with you and you will need to follow the ideas in this section carefully.

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Big Lottery Fund
  3. Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
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