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Our story

Teenage boy reading from a booklet and speaking into a microphone

Student councils or school councils can help young people make things better. Council members can listen to ideas from young people and help them to change things. Councils can provide a good way for young people to talk to staff, managers and governors.

In our project, we expected to hear a lot about the good work done by student councils and school councils. But we found out that often student councils do not include people with learning difficulties, disabilities and/or special educational needs. We worked with young people to think of ways to change this. We showed that meetings can run so they include everyone – so that everyone can join in with the work of student councils.

We suggest:

  • Everyone can help to make their schools and colleges better – all young people should be able to join in with the school or student council.
  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Big Lottery Fund
  3. Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
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